Why It Works For You

Green Screen

Our unique green screen background allows us to creatively capture each individual and team. We use innovative background designs to tailor each photography package to each sporting club. 

Creative Design

Our online ordering process uses the latest technology to make your experience fast and easy. Our flexible packages take the hassle out of the process. All you need to do is simply log in, pick your package, select the images, and then click purchase. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Fast Turnaround

No one likes waiting. So once you’ve purchased your images, we use our innovative equipment to colour correct and print your photographs. In as little as three weeks after purchasing, your high-quality prints are delivered to your doorstep.

How It Works

We understand that coordinating a sporting team can be hectic, so we take that stress out and organise it for you. We will deliver order forms to your sporting club a week before your scheduled photography day. You will then need to distribute the forms to each child.

On the team photo day, our friendly photographers will set their equipment up and check-in each individual. We will collect their order forms and ensure that all spelling is correct. Once we have checked-in everyone, we will pose them for their individual and team portraits. If any family members forgot their order form or didn’t get a chance to order. They can bring along cash or card details and place their order on the day.

Our aim is that every family walks away with unique and modern photographic mementos of their sporting stars. This is why we have tailored our packages with the customer in mind. We have a range of innovative designs to choose from and we make ordering your images simple and easy.

Sporting Team Photography Package

Group Photo - $25

1 of 8×10”print

Group + Individual Photo - $30

1 of 8×10”print

Individual Portrait pack = $35

1 of 8×10”print and 2 of 5×7” print

Best Value Package - $65

Save $25!!

Group photo, Group + individual, Individual Portrait pack

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